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Terraced properties are singular and unique. We love them! We know them! We specialize in them!

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The Terrace Experts assist in all stages of terrace ownership: buying, holding & selling. After years of researching NYC terraces, we’ve created the most comprehensive database of terraced properties, the pros that make them livable, and the buyers who desire them. In the process, we’ve become the city’s leading authority on terraces.

Purchase With Expert Guidance

Coming Soon! Discover 6000+ terraced listings within our proprietary database. As terrace experts we conduct a thorough valuation, negotiate, and seek your best interest during every stage of your transaction.

Sell With Confidence

Your property will be launched with an industry-leading digital strategy.  Unlike any other real estate firm or broker marketing services, we developed a terrace buyer audience, have in-house team designers, and unparalleled data.

Rent With Ease

Renters and landlord services vary depending on need. We provide guidance and take the hassle away from you every step of the way to help you sail through New York City’s dense rental process.

Pro-Vendor Rolodex

Hand-selected architects, landscapers, contractors, design consultants that specialize in Manhattan Terraced Real Estate

Terrace Market Reports

Our unique terrace listing database allows us to calculate many variables that affect buyer desirability and price. We share this information to empower you.

Property Improvement ROI Consultation

Contemplating which renovation plan you should execute? Make decisions that increase your property value in addition to stylization.

Coming Soon!
Market Reports

Incredible Market Data

We were reminded in 2020, how incredible the power of data is. How we share it is just as important. Unlike, any other real estate brokerage, we offer sales data that is the most relevant to you as a terraced property owner. It took over 3 years to create our terrace listing database. This extraordinary effort has created the ability for us to provide you with unparalleled information and empower you during your real estate journey.

That means, we care about you beyond the sale. We are here for you throughout your ownership. By providing you with this data, we hope to empower you as a terrace homeowner.

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Discover terraces across New York City

Explore our listings to find a home that you have been searching for. New York City private outdoor terraces are our specialty. Whether you are searching to buy or need a reference to sell, we are here to help.

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Client Testimonials

"They always put clients' best interests first, even if it means forgoing a sale. Because of this, I refer them to my own colleagues and friends because I know they are in very trusted hands."

Preeti Sriratana 

"The most knowledgeable, straight-shooting professionals in the Manhattan real estate profession. invaluable guidance and advice to my family over the years - we wouldn’t do a deal without them."

Thane Kerner

"Low pressure in the exploration mode. Then there is tireless focus and follow-through when it comes time to execute. They have done 4 real estate transactions for my family and me, and each one was a success."

Patrick Lebedis