Pro-Vendor Spotlight: Dimastery

We first found landscape designer Dima Rumiantcev’s work on Instagram (@dimastery), where he posts enticing snapshots of his projects around Brooklyn and Manhattan. Dima’s work with his Dimastery team is beautiful, functional, and low-maintenance—he strongly believes in creating outdoor spaces that are easy to care for and enjoyable year-round. He’s been working in gardens since age 13, and his expertise shows. With degrees and certifications in both landscape design and horticulture as well as experience with woodworking, Dima follows his clients through the design/build/maintain process from beginning to end.

He was kind enough to write a guest post for us highlighting a recent project in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. His clients wanted to take a plain, square roof space and turn it into a fuss-free, beautiful oasis built for entertaining and spending time with family.

*All pictures by Mark Andrew Photo, with the exception of the “before” image, which is credited to Dima Rumiantcev. Writing in the post below was done by Maureen Daniel of the Dimastery team.*

From the Dimastery team:  

Our client, a family of four, didn’t want to choose between life in the city and enjoying outdoor space at their home. The family’s wishlist included an outdoor kitchen, dining table for 8, lounge area, and even an edible garden. The challenge was how to fit all of this onto a 400SF rooftop terrace in Brooklyn!

With some creative space-saving solutions and custom-designed woodwork, we made it happen.

In fast-paced NYC life, instant gratification is important, especially after a client goes through the buying and renovation process. We aim to make the outdoor install as fast and painless as possible. For this space, we finished the concept in March, installed over 4 weeks in May, and came back 8 weeks later in August to photograph the finished project.
Our team believes in low-maintenance gardens, so 4-5 maintenance visits a year keep this terrace looking picture perfect.

In order to preserve open space for play and entertainment, the main design features are placed along the perimeter.

Lush plantings surrounding the lounge space serve the practical need for shade and soften the design aesthetic.

Low-maintenance shade and privacy is provided by grasses.

The team designed and built custom woodwork for the cedar pergola, lounge seating, and dining table in order to precisely fit the space and meet the family’s specific needs.

The large dining table (also custom) is tucked into the terrace’s perimeter, with chairs for 5 and bench seating for 3.

The compact and modern outdoor kitchen provides the essentials needed to cook and entertain with style: grill, fridge, storage and bar cabinet.

Multiple layers and textures of foliage create depth for a rich view from the interior of the master bath.

The master bathroom window frames the lush terrace like a painting.

An edible, low-maintenance and family-friendly garden placed in planters close to the house thrives in full sun and is convenient for harvesting treats such as berries, peppers, and basil.

The container garden of edible plants is both practical and pretty.

Hydrangeas are hardy, easy to grow, adaptable to many different sun conditions, and resistant to many pests and diseases. With a little care, they’ll bloom year after year, letting the homeowners enjoy the plant’s gorgeous flowers and its wonderful scent for many summers to come.

Hydrangea blossoms glow in golden hour. Rooftop sunsets are not to miss!

Small design touches help make the space personal and welcoming. A whimsical custom-made neon sign adds a unique touch and pays tribute to the clients’ love for Brooklyn.

A neon sign is an unexpected but charming accent to the space. The neon provides soft light and can weather cold and wind more easily than many other accessories.

Mood lighting adds ambiance as twilight approaches. Warm, soft, lights create atmosphere and allow the space to be enjoyed after the sun has gone down.

Keeping gentle lights along the perimeter gives the terrace a cozy and intimate feeling, perfect for enjoying lingering evenings al fresco with family and friends.

Thank you to Dima Rumiantcev, Maureen Daniel and the entire Dimastery team for giving us a peek into your design process!

Check out Dima’s website here for more work and, as always, get in touch with The Terrace Experts for all of your terrace buying, selling and holding needs!